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The Darkest Minds 2018

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When young mysteriously develop powerful new skills, the government views them as a threat and leads to detention centers. Sixteen-year-old Ruby quickly flees from his kidnappers and joins other winners seeking a safe haven. Tying together and fleeing, they soon unite their owncollective forces to fight against adults who are trying to extract their future.

When teenagers mysteriously create powerful new skills, they were declared threats by the government and closed. Sixty-year-old Ruby, one of the most powerful young people whom a man encounters, escapes from hercamp and join a group of teenagers seeking refuge. Soon, this newly discovered family understands that in a world in which they have grown up in power, running is not enough and must be resisted using their collective power to take control to re-take their future.

TrappedIn the adult world, now only under 18, a group of young people is struggling to fight and regain control over their future.


JenniferIuh Nelson author:

Chad Hodge (scenario), Alekandra Bracken (po novani) Stars:

Amanda Stenberg, Mandi Moore, Bradley WitfordAfter having had 98% of the illnesses and killing teenagers in the United States, 2% of survivors developed a great deal of force, but were detained in detention centers after they declared a threat. One of these 16-year-old girls, Ruby, managed to escape from her camp and joinis a group of young people fleeing from government forces.

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