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5D is a good application for those who want to make intricate designs in the interior design of Planner. Because this program is completely free, this is a welcome alternative to more expensive and more complex software platforms like AutoCAD. This is very pleasant and does not require prior experience to enjoy its functions.

Basic features and (function () {(‘desktop application page review’);)); The advantage of 5D Planner is that the design should not have been included in the Program. Integrated KatalogoIt offers everything to choose from different items, such as upholstery and furniture. From any two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspective you can see any design. Because the application is not connected to the Internet, the option is convenient when you are away from your office or home. A very detailed graphical graph is added to the reality provided by Planner 5D.

Additional applications available can be chosen by users for more than 150 layout themes. The size of these itemsand they can also change the texture to meet specific specifications. The top-down view will provide a more general overview when changing inside or outside. The latest product image can be stored and shared with other people.

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