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The Lego Marvel Super Heroes are fans of Marvel Heroes. The latest Travel Journey Title is a great game that makes you the perfect balance between the world of comics and little yellow (work () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Building Adventures and new construction Marvel Super Lego Hapaos has a story where many Interesting Athletes (World of Doom, Dr Octopus, Green Goblin, Venom and Loki) joined and destroyed peacein the world. All your heroes have no other beatdown planet, proving that Avengers is more than we see in the film directed by Joss Whedon. Marvel Super Heroes has the potential to introduce the movie based on the ensembles of short-term and with the 150 characters you can control. These include legendary heroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America or big things, but also characters that are not very social,as well as Mary Magdalene, Mary Jane or her hero who appeared in a Spider-Woman.Algúns nema.Jack or character storytelling story models, while others are only available in free mode, especially bad, because the It is playing with the behavior of Nick Fury. N The main mode inLego Marvel Super Heroes is a legendary mode, known for players from the standard Lego game. In this, in the early stages of arrest, even if they are too broadand advance and solve puzzles and kill the enemies. Yes You can also collect parts and other foreign items on the way, so you can enjoy some surprises. Differences with other Lego games in which, despite the low levels of difficulty, sometimes with little thought to reach the next step, at Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the front path is very clear. The game tells most of the time to do, either by message(you need a good breakdown of this door) or for clear standards like emotionally emotionally. For convenience, this game is very fun, because every part is very well designed with completely damaging screens and resources to make available locations With classic repeat rates that allow you to open of new characters or areas, include other features of a clear world where you can makeshort missions or you just have the opportunity to explore the city with your favorite characters. Exceptional forces are true of their nature. The success of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes is managed by Talespara Travelers to convey the essence of every cartoon in the Lego doll system. Every strongest character of everything is very comfortable: they are like the komiksbook heroes and, in turn, are very well adapted to unusualpage xogos.Por For example, Hulkcan transformed Bruce Banner and vice versa, and the destructive power was in the media; Spider-Man has many ways you can use their websites, and BlackMjane, instead of being a professional fight is a program that can equipo.o pescar.Por course, this authority indicating the status of Legosgreat joy , but also a sense of humor characteristics of each character in the comics and films.

Interestingly,but under the Lego antecedent engine is playing his age. What a great look over the past few years is now a little interesting. But you need more than one mind game for all ages? Amazing characters are not only designed by the power of their power, but their likeness and nature are also wonderful. Physical characters, such as the followers of Galactus or Sandman, areprovides the most enjoyable time of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The way back to New York is also amazing and is working as a stage open to the world. If you are walking through the cities of great people, you can identify the buildings and some of the famous, converts, in fact, in the style of Lego .. Child of sleep has been doing a good job , and dubbing more acceptable (although I still enjoy Lego games without fuss), with a tone of voice that cares more about the issues included in different Marvel films. The first version of travelers Tales presented again, was very popular and the franchise changed Lego, resulting in a fun game .. Maybe the game Lego Marvel Super Heroes is not too difficult, but the respect shown by Marvel, a great sense of humor, and a variety of characters and levels makes it entertaining to play, noregardless of age or ability and control.

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