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Google Earth

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Google Earth is a 3D computer program that allows users to see land representations created with satellite imagery. Users can see landscapes and cities on their computers and explore the world as never before. From the review of the whole world to the view of your own street, thanks to Google Earth you can discover almost all the modern world. If you are using a phone or a computer, Google Earth allows you to see the world with only a few modern worlds Google Earth starts as aA program that can be used in areassuch as real estate, intelligence, defense and urban planning, but quickly became much larger. Now, anyone who has access to a computer or smartphone has the opportunity to access a world whose previous map could not match. Google Earth uses satellite imagery superimposed on the digital globe. This means that users can efficiently travel across the world thanks to Quick Google ({{“desktop-application-overview”} function;});Realistic design Typical typical applications for GPS navigation that create a computer-generatedview of city streets, Google Earth creates the look of your application using real photos. From a review of the photos taken by the satellite to the street level views recorded with the self-propelled automobile of Google, each place is registered and then layered to create a virtual space representation of the Earth.

Google Earth is a geographic and educational tool that allows you to viewLand from anywhere for free with a combination of satellite imagery, aerial imagery and Street View. Its powerful searchengine, great amount of information and images available and its intuitive use make it the best way to know our planet, but also the sky, the moon and even Mars. Google Earth is also available on Android, Mac and iOS.

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Get to know the world thanks to Google Earth

Google Earth is a type of 3D interactive atlas.You can see what it seems (almost) of every corner of the world. From the largest cities to national parks, and even underwater, all the wonders of the worldare simply separated.

If it is not enough for Ziemiato, you can enjoy photos of Moon and Mars and navigate the stars. The Google Earth search engine will help you find the location you’re looking for to use from any address, from GPS coordinates.

Google Earth offers several layers that contain information on places likeboundaries, roads, buildings in 3D, trees, photos and; You can also add content to Google Earth, for example, photos of visited places. Google Earth integrates the Street View feature availablein Google Maps, which will allow you to navigate around certain cities.

In addition to all these features, Google Earth also allows you to create routes, measure distances, add bookmarks, save images and even fly with a flight simulator.

Travel with the mouse

Surfing in Google Earth is very intuitive and everything you needit’s a mouse or buttons on the screen. You can zoom, rotate the view and travel freely around Earth. If you want to enjoy a virtual tour with a street view, you can start by dragging asmall one on the street available (shown in blue). Browsing is also excellent; It’s easy to scroll with the mouse. The search engine and all other options can be found in the menu on the left, which can be reduced to enjoy the view.

The necessary program

Google Earth is a fantastic and amazing tool to watchthe Earth and our environment. The graphics engine is impressive, as well as the large number of places you can visit in detail. The textures and the proposed content of the various layers are updated regularly.GoogleEarth is an indispensable program that takes you halfway across the world without leaving you; Although this program is unbeatable, if you are looking for another free alternative, NASA World Wind may be something to keep in mind;

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